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    Zhejiang Haonan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd is located in Jingning autonomous county, Lishui city. The company was founded in 1992. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of micro-motor parts, precision metal stamping parts and auto parts. The company has a group of high-quality engineering and management talents with comprehensive technology, rich experience, innovation and vitality. According to the requirements of quality system standards, the company implements full-scale monitoring and testing on production, intelligent production line production, and makes the company's products more marketable. Competitive, go to the international market. Successfully provided supporting products for well-known companies in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.
    The company's main products are: graphite nylon gasket, graphite nylon collar, adjustment gasket, rail gasket, fan, ac, dc fan opening clamp, micro-motor insulation cover (windmill), nylon meson, commutator pressure ring copper stop ring, oil retaining plate, insulated end cap, nylon sleeve; metal welding piece formovement, e-type collar, wool felt pad, electric board meson, plant fiber gasket, iron flat pad, motor slot wedge, bearing clamp, spring pressure ring, rubber oil seal, rubber anti-skid pad,3mself-adhesive series, plum wreath, triangular shrapnel,65 manganese steel wave spring pad and other insulating gaskets and micro-motor shaft, variety specifications more than 1000 kinds, with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, antistatic, low noise, anti-corrosion, long life and other functions. Products are widely used in micro-motors, fans, automotive electronics, household appliances and so on. The company will continue to be based on a good reputation, adhering to the spirit of stability and development, truth-seeking and innovation, and work together with domestic and foreign companies, users and old and new friends to achieve win-win.

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